Text to Speech. Batch convert text files to MP3 files. SpeakText
For Windows 7/vista/xp
Written by ZhaoWenPan
AT&T Natural Voices:
US English, UK English,
, French, Spanish
(16khz male&female voices)
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     Text to speech, batch convert text files to MP3 files application.
       "It works perfectly just like its supposed to..."  (Mike, CA USA)
       "Let me repeat that how interested I am in your Reader, since almost all the pieces of text-to-speech software ask the user to COPY the text and PASTE it onto their reading window..." (Shigeru Ikeda, Japan)

     SpeakText is a shareware, it
compatible with Windows Vista.
Take care of your neck and eyes. Text to Speech, to mp3, listen to stories anywhere.  Correct document easily with both ears and eyes. Use SpeakText to learn foreign language.
     Main function:
Text to speech, read aloud file list, let your computer talking to you. Batch convert texts to MP3, listen to stories anywhere.

Download SpeakText full
with AT&T Natural Voice options

      Why do I need SpeakText ?
       Relax your eyes and protect your neck:
       Frequently reading on screen will harm your eyes and neck, let ears' listening to instead of eyes' reading.
        Listen to stories, emails on the way:
       SpeakText allows you to batch convert text files to MP3, so you can convert your emails to MP3 files and listen to them on the way.
       Proofread document:
       After you write a long document, it is very tire to proofread it by eyes. Now let SpeakText read aloud it for you.
    Why do I need AT&T natural voice?
     AT&T natural voice is very high quality text to speech voice. Its voice nearly reach human true voice.
It can display correctly text in any languages which Internet Explorer can display correctly.

    Extension function:
1, Can read aloud entire article, part of article, file list. Supports repeating reading aloud, the maximum repeating times is 99.
    2, Can read aloud article as paragraph repeating and convert it to mp3.
    3, Integrate with Internet Explorer, right-click to read aloud text you selected and right-click to stop reading aloud.
    4, Integrate with MS Word97 to 2007, WordPerfect v10 to 13 and OpenOffice Writer. Directly read aloud the documents.
    5, Right-click to read aloud text (*.txt) file in Explore.
    6, Slide read aloud words from a words list text frile.
    7, Alarm clock.
    8, A small tool which convert wav fie to mp3 file.
    9, User can define interface's color and font.

    The quality of pronunciation:
The quality of pronunciation is determined by speech engine. You can download many languages free Text to Speech engines on our website.
     If you don't like these free Text to Speech engine's sounds, I recommend you to choose
Natural Voice from our web page.
The following voice is ATT US English voice, converted by SpeakText:
    Very easy to use:
      Speak toolbar integrates with Internet Explorer, MS Word v97 or above, WordPerfect v10 or above, OpenOffice Writer.
      Directly read aloud Microsoft word document, WordPerfect document and web page.
      Right-click button on Windows Explore right-click menu, this lets you listen to text file easy.
      Batch convert function lets you convert many text files to MP3 files.
     The easiest text read aloud application in the world!

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